Dungeon Master

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Working On Dungeon Master

Credits to Artefacts Studio for all assets, animations and developement.

Years before the tactical RPG & comic books storyline, the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is close to bankruptcy 📉 We need someone to rebuild EVERYTHING from scratch!

🛠 Naheulbeuk’s Dungeon Master by Artefacts Studio : this SUMMER on PC

Apologue FX had the pleasure to collaborate with ARTEFACTS STUDIO as integrated member forming the whole VFX and Tech-Art department for a while on DUNGEON MASTER !

We made nearly all the VFXs in the game, from Combat & Feedbacks to UI and environment as well as nearly all the Technical Art needs for the game( shaders , lighting, Tools, optimisation....)

We are thrilled to have worked again with ARTEFACTS STUDIO to help bring life on such a cool project !

Artefacts studio : https://www.artefacts-studio.fr/

↓ Watch the Trailer ! ↓

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