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Realtime VFX Services
Working to help great studios make beautiful productions
We Work with game developpers, XR developpers, animations studios and more, ranging from AAA games to more indie productions.

We are a small team of artists dedicated to the art of realtime visual effects, we can help, plan, estimate and execute your VFX needs.

Our Internal ecosystem grant every one of our artists the best chances to succeed in executing all your wants !
What we DO
Adaptibility and Relationships is at the heart of our craft
• Our artists work as part of your team to allow for full collaboration.

• We use your tools, from Unity and Unreal to proprietary engines and external tools like Houdini, Embergen...

• Security is as important to you as it is for us, we will use any necessary tools to help in that regard.
Video Games

Visual Productions
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Portrait Léo Diringer
Léo Diringer
Co-Founder - Lead VFX Artist
Portrait QUentin Chalivat
Quentin Chalivat
Co-Founder - Lead VFX Artist
Lucas Lenzi
Junior VFX Artist
Paul Kherbache
Junior VFX Artist
Anthony Caballero
Intern VFX Artist

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