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Realtime VFX Artist

Internship to Intermediate (F/M/NB)

Company Description :
Apologue FX is a company specializing in the creation of real-time visual effects. They work closely with video game developers, filmmakers, and other industry professionals to create stunning visual effects that enhance the quality of projects.
Our responsibilities include designing and implementing real-time visual effects for video games, films, and other interactive media. We collaborate with development teams of all sizes to ensure that visual effects are seamlessly integrated into projects and meet required visual standards.We are looking for visual effects artist to join our team for a number of upcoming projects. We work with any engine, and in any number of art styles, across any game genre and platforms.

Job Description :

As a Realtime VFX Artist, you will be responsible for creating and ensure a smooth integration of stunning visual effects that enhance the overall quality of the final product.
You will work closely with client's development team to adapt the look, functionality, and performances of your effects.

Main Responsibilities :

• Creation of visual Effects built in game engines with industry standard Tools and Workflows.
• Integration, troubleshooting and optimisation of your Effects.
• Work with production and team leads to ensure timely completion of work at the desired quality bar.
• Proactively solicit and provide feedbacks.
Qualifications :
• Experience using Unity particle system Shuriken / Unity's VFX Graph / Unreal Engine Niagara / Unreal Engine Cascade / Any proprietary engine (Any or all of Them).
• Node based Shader Authoring.
• Strong sense of rhythm and color theory.
• Fluent in english.- Self motivated and well organized.
• Texture painting or generation skills (Photoshop/Krita, Substance Designer/After Effect, Animate/Toon Boom Harmony, ...).
• Experience in any 3D package like Maya, 3DS max, but preferably Blender.
Bonus :
• Tool & pipeline building, or other tech-artist qualifications.
• Knowledge of Houdini, Embergen or any simulation Package.
• Knowledge of animated texture painting.(2D FX).
Additional information :
Freelance, internship, Fixed term employment contract(CDD)All Apologues FX employees receive :
• Flexible Time schedule to adapt to your needs.
• Full remote work.
• Annual Gross Salary Range(Depending on skills and experiences) : 27K€ - 38K€
• Internship gratification : 800€ each month
• Freelance Daily rate(Depending on skills and experiences : 180€- 250€

Reach out to us at contact@apologuefx.com with your resume, and portfolio/webSite/Artstation.
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